Crèche Upgrade
November 11, 2016
Eikevlei Crèche
November 11, 2016

A helping hand

Project Overview:

Stellar Foundation loves to do little things to help the people around us.
Stellar Foundation has funded a much needed pair of spectacles for a grade 12 learner from Ebenhaeser. She was just about to start her exams when her original spectacles broke. She is from a very poor family who would struggle to afford a new pair of glasses. Hailey went on to pass her exams as one of the top learners in her class.
Leonard has made it to his final year of high school, and, like many learners in South Africa, is faced with the challenge of completing his school career despite a lack of resources.
Feeding a family of seven is no easy task, especial ly for families like Leonard’s. His father has a temporary position at a local company, and his mother is too ill to work. On the brighter side, Leonard is determined to not only finish high school, but to further his studies so that he can help provide for his parents and four siblings.
To make life a little easier for Leonard and his family, Stellar Foundation has given Leonard stationary and books, and upon learning that he has to do his schoolwork in bed without a proper light, has helped to arrange a lap desk and portable light for him. Leonard’s study conditions made us wonder how many other students on the Multi-Estate were experiencing similar challenges. This inspired the new project: Educational support. The aim of this project is to supply students with lap desks and solar study lights.
A mother of 5, who found herself struggling to provide food and shelter for her children, was temporarily moved into a homeless shelter from where on Stellar Foundation helped her relocate to permanent housing in a familiar community. Here she is surrounded with support structures to ensure that the change will be sustainable and that she can provide a better life for her children than before.