Our Story

Ideas driven by the community that inspire change have the best chance of succeeding. But in order to blossom, ideas need a little help along the way. That’s where the Stellar Foundation comes in.

Funding, advice, skills transfer and moral support are the vital ingredients needed to see an idea grow to its full, game-changing potential and the Foundation has established itself through its track record as a credible agent of change amongst communities and funders.

Stellar Foundation grew from Stellar Winery’s Fair Trade programme which began in 2004. It was set up as an independent NPO to manage social and economic development projects on the farms and in the towns and villages near the winery.

We’ve helped to change some people’s lives and much more is planned, so take a little journey with us and see what we do…

Our Projects

Our projects, the people we help and our supporters are our main focus at Stellar Foundation. We have a wide variety of projects that aim to help people in any situation and need.

The health and well-being of our workers are a priority for us. We have a full time registered nurse who, with her mobile clinic, visits all the farms and tends to workers and their families.

Another one of our projects is our Feeding Project, which supplies healthy balanced meals specifically to at-risk children in the Klawer area during the school holidays.

With our Sustainable Energy projects we aim to monitor the usefulness and efficiency of this product before extending it to all of the workers within Stellar Multi-Estate.

Stellar Empowerment Trust

The Stellar Empowerment Trust (SET) is an employee benefit trust through which the beneficiaries own equity-linked units in the issued share capital of Stellar Winery. SET is the economic empowerment arm of Stellar Winery and Stellar Multi-Estate.

Stellar Empowerment Trust is owned by the workers of Stellar Winery as well as the workers from all the production units. SET is 100% owned and run by the workers through their Trustees who are guided by the Trust Deed and their mentors.

The Trust also serves as a forum for workers to identify their needs in terms of social development and to liaise with Stellar Foundation once a need has been identified. The management of the project is in the hands of Stellar Foundation.

The Trust has provided workers with a solid stake in the business of Stellar Winery, which strengthens their ties to the company and the land, and provides them with a reassuring permanence.

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