Our Work

The Stellar Foundation helps to realize ideas and inspirations to change a community. It was set up as an independent nonprofit organisation to manage social and economic development projects on the farms that produce organic grapes and in the towns near the winery.

All the workers of Stellar Multi-Estate, including Stellar Winery, are beneficiaries of Stellar Empowerment Trust. Through this trust, they have 26% ownership of Stellar Winery in totality.

Stellar Foundation focuses on Community projects and enterprise development

One of the Stellar Foundations projects includes caring for and providing to the community. We have several projects up and running in partnership with Whole Food markets and helping and willing hands from the community.

The Stellar Foundation's diverse community projects range from providing hungry tummies with food or even showing them how to plant their own gardens, to brightening up the lives and schools of the children who go there.

Community Care

Our upholstery enterprise provides the workers of Stellar Multi-Estate the opportunity to not only be shareholders and landowners anymore, but for the first time in history, they will also become estate wine grape producers. These grapes will be contracted to Stellar Winery and be grown according to the organic and fair trade principles Stellar believes in.

We also enjoy to discovering business people in our community people like to pursue. We then provide them with the necessary aids with their marketing, business skills and capital outlay.

Enterprise Development

Primary Healthcare

With our healthcare projects we aim to educate and provide our communities with the healthcare they need and deserve. Healthcare is something that is very close to home at the Stellar Foundation and that is why it is important to us to provide our communities with the necessary healthcare.

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Sport Projects

At Stellar Foundation we strongly believe in the benefits of sport, especially for young children. We support a number of local sports clubs by providing them with kit, equipment and travel assistance. By encouraging kids to play sport we are also enhancing and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy Project was initiated by issuing our first Stellar Multi-estate farmworkers with solar powered lights. The aim of the Sustainable Energy Project is to combat loadshedding problems as well as to relieve some expenses on electricity for our workers, funds that could be otherwise applied to better their livelihood.

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Projects Summaries

We at The Stellar Foundation have several projects up and running. Some already completed, some happening at the moment and others still on the drawing boards. All of these projects has one thing in common and that is to provide and give back to the community to ensure a happy and prosperous life.

The Stellar Foundation has a lot of different projects that vary from providing food to the community, providing them with electricity and helping them to succeed at their business ventures. We even brighten up their lives by painting the schools. We are constantly taking on new projects and expanding our horizons.

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