Ongoing Projects
November 11, 2016
Stellar Soccer Team
November 11, 2016

Finalized Projects

Project Overview:

1. Bus project Acquiring a bus to transport workers to and from work and events
2. Trawal vegetable gardens Establishing a profitable vegetable garden on the farm Bo-plaas in Trawal
3. Training centre Building and equipping a training centre
4. ABET classes Adult Basic Educational Training—teaching adults the skills of reading and writing
5. Soccer field Trawal Establishing and maintaining a soccer field in the community of Trawal
6. Trawal crèche Remodelling the Trawal day care centre, equipping it with proper bathrooms, sleeping area for babies, educational toys and an outside playground to highlight a few
7. Grade R teacher Subsidising the salary of the Grade R teacher of Trawal Primary School
8. Eikevlei crèche Upgrading the playground
9. Koekenaap crèche upgrade Upgrading and remodelling the Koekenaap crèche
10. Sunhat project Sunhats distributed for protection against the sun ro all workers
11. All weather Mac Jackets Issuing all weather Mac Jackets to all for protection against wind and rain
12. Mobile clinic Acquiring a bus and converting it to a fully equipped mobile clinic for the Primary Health Care Project
13. Steilhoogte primary upgrade Upgrading the cafeteria, fancying the Grade R class, upgrading the playground, establishing a labyrinth vegetable garden
14. Onse Kaia container gardens Establishing container vegetable gardens at a homeless shelter
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