Stellar Agri (Pty) Ltd
November 11, 2016

Crèche Upgrade

Project Overview:

During July 2014 Stellar Foundation and the Whole Foods Market Volunteer Team Members (USA) joined forces to bring about much needed change to the Koekenaap crèche. With many hands and lots of love and enthusiasm, we achieved the following in only 3 days:
  • Burglar proofing & security gate installed
  • Painted the inside
  • Painted the outside
  • New vinyl flooring installed
  • Shelving added to create 3 different spaces; a sleep area, play area and a teaching area. Lots of storage space created.
  • Office area for teacher installed
  • Styrofoam installed on some walls and backs of shelving units as pin up boards
  • Municipality fixed electricity problem
  • Municipality fixed water supply problem
  • Both toilets in a working condition
  • Basin in a working condition
  • Fridge/freezer added
  • Kettle
  • Hanging space for bags, blankets, etc. created
  • 40 each of blankets, facecloths and toothbrushes donated as well as towels and toothpaste.
  • Sheet covers for the mattresses supplied
  • Storage containers and toys supplied
  • Roof sealed and waterproofed
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