Mobile Clinic
November 11, 2016
Sport teams
November 11, 2016

Our list for the near future

Project Overview:

  1. Sustainable energy project – sourcing and applying clean energy options as a supplement/replacement for grid electricity
  2. Stellar soccer field – establishing a soccer field for the community of Stellar
  3. Maria Malan Memorial Garden – creating a peace garden in loving memory of all people affiliated with Stellar who have passed
  4. Education assistance – supplying lap desks and solar study lamps to scholars to improve home study conditions
  5. Sunhat project – repeating this project
  6. Koekenaap crèche additions – creating a play area on the outside of the building with a canopy as protection from sun and rain
  7. Good housekeeping project
  8. Vineyard project
  9. Solar project
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