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October 2, 2018
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December 3, 2018

The Stellar Foundation inspires upliftment and change in local communities

The Stellar Foundation inspires upliftment and change in local communities

The Stellar Foundation was set up as an independent non-profit organisation to manage social and economic development projects on the farms that produce organic grapes and in the towns near Stellar Winery. Their aim is to help realize ideas and inspirations that will inspire change in a community.

Stellar Foundation is simultaneously involved in a wide variety of projects that contribute to making their local community a better place. They believe that funding, advice, skills transfer and moral support are the vital ingredients needed to see an idea grow to its full, game-changing potential. “To ensure that a project is successful, we take several aspects into account. These aspects include perseverance, communication, planning, required resources and support of the community and business organisations. These building blocks will insure success throughout the project,” explains René de Lange, Certification Compliance Officer at Stellar Foundation.

One of Stellar Foundation’s latest projects, the ‘Steilhoogte iPad Project’, involves assisting the local primary school, Steilhoogte Primary, with fundraising to purchase 30 iPads for their senior class. Today’s technology will provide them with near unlimited possibilities to address learning restrictions and enrich every learner as much as possible.

Most of Stellar Foundation’s projects, however, are long term or ongoing projects that help to enrich and grow local communities on a more permanent basis. These projects are grouped into different categories ranging from community care and enterprise development to primary healthcare and sports projects.

The Stellar Foundation’s diverse community projects range from providing hungry tummies with food or even showing them how to plant their own gardens, to brightening up the lives and schools of the children who go there. With their health projects they aim to educate and provide communities with the care they need and deserve. The well-being of employees is something
that is very close to home at Stellar Foundation and that is why it is important to them to provide their communities with the necessary healthcare.

At Stellar Foundation there is a strong belief in the benefits of sport, especially for young children. They support a number of local sports clubs by providing them with kit, equipment and travel assistance. By encouraging kids to play sport they are also enhancing and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

If your business would like to become involved in projects like these, they can simply visit the Stellar Foundation’s website at to easily make a big difference in someone’s life.

You can also follow Stellar Foundation on Facebook (@stellarfound), Twitter (@stellarfound) and Instagram(@stellar_foundation) to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

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